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Hi I'm Sunny Sharma, Creator Of Personal Mastery Quest

My Mission here at the School Of Awakening is to eradicate human suffering through spiritual awakening.

I strive to make the process of Self-discovery simple, understandable, and easily applicable for you, so that you can dive deep within yourself to realize the truth of who you are.

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Current Topics Of Discussion

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Dissolve The Mind Into Emptiness - A Powerful Self-Inquiry Approach

How to disengage from the mind easily while practicing meditation and Self-inquiry. This is what is required to go deeper into meditation/inquiry.

How To Stop Reacting To Emotional Triggers

There is one habit which keeps you in a mental state of victimhood. It keeps you in a state of reactiveness and suffering. This habit must be let go of.

Staying "One Pointed" On The Spiritual Path - How To Stop Getting Distracted

Understand this one thing to stop getting distracted and to stay one pointed on the spiritual path.

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