The Process
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Master Your Emotional State And Live In Peace And Harmony

Acceptance - Emotional Mastery

  • Let go of all the memories, pain, and trauma associated with past experiences.

  • Dissolve reactive behavior and suffering.
  • Process emotions and physical pain properly without letting it accumulate in the mind.

  • Dissolve limiting beliefs about your self-image which hold you back and create repetitive patterns in your personal life, work, and relationships.

  • Reconnect with your source of unconditional peace and joy.
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How Acceptance - Emotional Mastery Will Help You Become Free


  • You will learn how to observe emotions without reacting to them.

Right now the teaching may seem very subtle and you perhaps don’t know if you’re practicing correctly.

Or, perhaps you’re practicing but feel like it isn’t working. Here in this program, with the proper guidance and mentorship, you will learn how to master this teaching.


  • You will learn how to overcome the strong pull of mind.

Your emotional triggers will dissolve and your sensitive areas which have a lot of feelings and hurt associated with them will be healed.




  • You will discover your inner freedom.

As all the layers of hurt, pain, limiting beliefs, and past attachments are let go of, you will experience your baseline state of unconditional peace, happiness, and fulfillment.


  • You will learn how to go from unconscious to conscious.

What you become aware of, you go beyond. You will be taught how to uncover all that is unconscious within you and you will cultivate enough presence to be able to observe and transcend it.


  • You will overcome fear and anxiety.

The power of your presence will grow, fear and anxiety will melt away. There will be less and less identification with the mind and belief in its projections and stories.

The Process Is Simple


  • Understanding Acceptance.


First I help you gain a proper understanding of the mechanism and practice of acceptance. I show you how to implement it in each scenario, situation, and area of your life, without getting stuck in mind.


  • Experiencing Acceptance.


Here, we go beyond the concepts and I help you ease into the direct experience of total acceptance and harmony. You gain experiential evidence of what acceptance tastes like and how it enriches your mind, body, and world.

Then we use it to heal your past, your fears, your limiting beliefs, your self image, your pain, and emotional suffering.


  • Integrating acceptance into every aspect of your life.


Here you will learn how to master the teaching of acceptance by realizing it as your true nature. You will become established in peace and loving awareness.

You will learn how to live in total harmony as life unfolds before you and situations come up spontaneously. You will also be taught to how to process emotions, reactions, fears, situations, and people FROM acceptance, rather than from unconsciously conditioned patterns.


In just 6 weeks, you will transcend the limited self-image you currently take yourself to be.


You will experience inner freedom like never before and be equipped with an understanding that will free you of all suffering. 


Learn The Way That Suits You Best

Learn anytime, anywhere, and whichever way you like with multiple learning formats. Acceptance - Emotional Mastery comes with online, social, and live mentoring.

Here, you will receive extensive support and help. I’m here to answer all of your questions. This is not one of those programs that you purchase and then never hear from the creator again.

A Self-Paced Course

-Easy to go through lectures with visuals and step-by-step implementation methods.

- Lessons and practices divided into weekly modules, never before seen on Youtube.

- Guided Letting go meditations and Q&A segment videos for each section, clarifying the most common questions that typically arise while going through this teaching.

- A focused emphasis on implementation and practice. I am not interested in filling your mind with more concepts, but instead to help you  "unlearn" the concepts and experience the teaching.

Live Q&A Every Week

- Ask all your questions and always be supported by me. (Timings alternate to accommodate people from all time zones!)

- The option to submit your questions through writing or speak to me directly and ask out loud.

-Submit your question beforehand if you're not able to attend.

- All Q&As are recorded and available to watch later for your convenience.  

Private Support Community

- Being on the "inward path" can sometimes be lonely. That’s why I created a private like-minded community specifically for members of Acceptance - Emotional Mastery, where you can ask questions, get feedback, find inspiration & share insights. It is a place where you will feel connected and supported :)

- You can also interact with me personally and get my support and guidance whenever you need throughout the day.




The Changes This Program Will Bring Into Your Experience🙂

  • You will feel like a burden has been lifted off of your shoulders.

All that emotional pain and trauma that you have been unconsciously carrying for years will be let go of. Underneath all these layers, lies your authentic self. You will once again feel good and life will seem refreshing.


  • You will be able to forgive everyone from your past, including yourself.

All resentments and jealousies will be released. You will no longer feel attached to those who have wronged you in the past and your mind will naturally no longer care about what happened in the past. Many memories will even vanish.


  • You’ll feel empowered and at peace with yourself.

Feeling light and confident will be the new norm. You will feel a sense of being able to accomplish what you want to do and live the life that you want to live.


  • You will no longer live from a state of fear and anxiety.

Uncertainly will no longer be a cause for fear but instead freedom and opportunity. Your mind will no longer automatically lean towards “what can go wrong and what has gone wrong in the past.” All those mental tendencies will be diminished.


  • You will no longer unconsciously react to situations and people.

There will be an increasing distance between you and emotions, you and thoughts. They will no lose their capacity to pull you into identification and belief. Reactiveness will fall away. You will be able to respond to situations more intelligently and harmoniously.


  • You will have greater clarity in all areas of your life.

You’ll know what to do and when, what to say and when, how to act and when. Solutions will appear more easily. In acceptance, everything flows.


  • You relationships will flourish.

You will no longer project hurt onto others and you’ll no longer absorb and identify with the hurt others project onto you. Letting go of your pain allows you to act more authentically and with greater love and compassion. It removes dysfunction from relationships.


  • Your mere presence will have a healing effect on your loved ones and ultimately, the entire world.

Freeing yourself from your pain and suffering is the greatest gift that you can give to the world. Your healing is the world’s healing. There is no difference.


  • You will live in total acceptance of this moment and harmony.

You will no longer cling to what is leaving you. You will no longer resist what is making its way into your life. You will be at peace with the impermanence of experience and realign to this natural harmony. Life will feel more harmonious. It will be seen that things fall into place when they must, however they must. The mind will no longer react prematurely to unexpected turns in the flow of life.


  • More opportunities will present themselves.

As the flow of your life becomes reignited, now that you are no longer clinging and resisting, things that you could have never planned or imagined begin to unfold. You seem to largely find yourself in the right place at the right time.


  • You will no longer rely on coping mechanisms to avoid discomfort.

Your unconscious habits and destructive behaviors will fall away. You will no longer engage in certain things to distract yourself and run away from your pain. (Things just as drinking alcohol, smoking, binge eating, watching tv, scroll through social media in order to avoid uncomfortable feelings).


  • You will feel happier on a day to day basis :)

As the clouds of your pain melt away, causeless happiness: your true nature, will emerge. The veil of ego will begin to thin and your spiritual understanding will deepen.

Hear From Our Current Students

How Jacqueline Transcended Her Endless Emotional Healing Journey

It seems as if with healing work, the more that you do, the more you feel like you need to do.

This endless desire to heal from past trauma only reinforces the strong identity of being wounded or broken.

In this video, Jacqueline shares how our program enabled her to break the bonds of this repetitive cycle and mental prison.


“It has helped me to be more at ease, more at peace, less reactive, and I am so so thankful that I found this program..”


- Aliza Wahab Moreno, Oakland, California

“The biggest difference in my life is the amount of peace, fulfillment, and satisfaction that I feel on a day to day basis.”

- Taryn Nightingale, Johannesburg, SA.


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