How Minimalism Helps Your Spiritual Practice & Meditation

facilitating the process May 10, 2021
Everything in your life requires maintenance. I'm not only referring to physical objects. I'm talking about even your desires, your fears, your motives, and your belief systems.
Outer complexity = inner complexity.
Inner complexity = outer complexity.
And if there is complexity, mind will be restless. This restlessness is what makes us exhausted and creates difficulty in meditation.
This is why perhaps you've been meditating for years, yet mind still continues to carry great momentum, holding the capacity to block all deeper experience/understanding and veil the peace of your true nature.
Today's video is dedicated to unwinding this complexity.
We will talk about how to create outer simplicity which will in turn create inner simplicity. And we will also talk about how to create inner simplicity which will in turn lead to great outer simplicity.
When this simplicity arises, meditation will become easier. Self-inquiry will become possible. Because a mind that is free of endless concerns, is a mind that naturally turns inward; a mind that becomes receptive to deeper understanding.
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