Acceptance Vs. Taking Action - Is There A Conflict Between The Two?

acceptance Jul 07, 2021

Does living in acceptance entail not taking any action towards change?


No, certainly not :)


This idea only occurs due to the misunderstanding of the acceptance teaching.


In truth, acceptance is not at the same level as action. For this reason, it’s not one or the other.


It’s not like going to the doctor who gives you some medicine and then you decide if to take it or not to take it.


Taking it or not taking it is a matter of one or the other. But acceptance is not on the same level as the activity of your body, which we call action.


Acceptance is on a much subtler plane of existence. Acceptance is the reality of what is, within which action or non-action may unfold and is perceived.


Sound complicated? It’s actually quite simple. And that is what I wish to help you understand clearly in today’s video :)


Make sure to watch it here. I hope it clears this doubt for you once and for all.





P.S. If you wish to understand acceptance at a very deep level, please watch my letting go masterclass here.

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