Disengaging From Mind Vs. Suppressing - What's The Difference?

frequently asked questions Jun 04, 2021

Recently when I uploaded a video about disengaging from the mind, someone commented and asked a question which I thought might be good to answer for many people, as it is a doubt that may often arise.


However I will say, if you truly grasped the principle of disengaging, then you would instantly disengage from even this doubt, without any hesitation.


But I made today’s video for those who still need a little bit more convincing on how this principle of disengagement works and why it takes you much “deeper” than you think.


So here was the question that I received from that viewer:


How is disengaging from the mind different from suppression?


Isn’t disengaging from your memories and thoughts a denial of your past and a sort of neglecting real life?


See, there are two huge differences between disengaging from the mind Vs. suppressing thoughts.


And once you understand these two differences, you will never again have this doubt arise.


That’s what today’s video will help you uncover. Please watch it here. I hope it helps you greatly.




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