Do NOT suppress desire or fear - Here's what to do instead

self-inquiry Jul 26, 2021

Wanting to be free of desire, is just another desire. Wanting to get rid of fear, is just another fear.


You shouldn't try to suppress, avoid, or get rid of desire and fear.


The teaching is not telling you, as a body, to stop desiring :)


The teaching is pointing you towards seeing clearly that what you are here and now, is transcendent of desire and fear - and therefore beyond any and all conditions.


By seeing this clearly, surely some of your "egoic" desires will be seen as useless and will naturally fall away. However, the energy of desire itself will be reshaped and understood in a more truthful context.


It will not be owned as "me" or "mine." Instead it will be seen to be the movement of universal harmony. It will no longer move in service to a particular body, but to all of manifestation.


So today, what I really want to show you is how to actually USE your desires and fears to discover your essence, which I am speaking of as "being beyond desire and fear."


In today's video I will teach you very practically, how to rest as that seeing in which both desire and fear appear and disappear.


I will share with you how to not identify with desire and fear, yet at the same time allow them to be discarded OR find expression; whatever is appropriate for that particular moment.


I wish to help you melt into this understanding today so that you experientially grasp once and for all, what you always hear being mentioned in spiritual teachings as "be free of desire."


Make sure to watch today's entire video if this teaching resonates with you. I think it will clear up a lot of stuff for you!






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