Do We Choose Our Thoughts?

frequently asked questions Apr 29, 2021

If you, as a person, had control over your individual actions, then surely you would first have to have control of your thoughts.

Because your doing is your thinking in action…

Most of us accept this simple statement and we see its logic. We understand that we are not fully in control.

However, we are deeply afraid and unwilling to accept that we may not have any real control at all; that any bit of control we feel we have is illusory.

Due to this, we fight and altogether avoid this subject. The mind for its own sake, rests this aside and remains busy in its endless pursuits.

But today I wish to help you dive deeply into this topic with 2 very simple exercises which will:
1. Be easy for you to explore.
2. Make it clear to you if you have choice or not.

Not only will you discover if you choose your thoughts or not, you will also further understand more clearly, what is it that would make the choice or not make the choice.

And as you allow yourself to explore this topic deeply, you will uncover a great freedom.


Watch the video here. I hope it brings you great clarity!



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