How Meditation Works "Behind The Scenes" To Transform Your Life

facilitating the process Sep 24, 2021

Today I want to share with you the shifts that will take place knowingly and unknowingly as you meditate consistently, every day.
This is the 2nd video of this 3-part series, and it is a reealllyy important one. Please watch it till the end, even if your mind resists it.
Because trust me, when it comes to meditation and sitting in silence, your mind will resist it till the very end, until it comes to see the immense benefit in it.
But in the meantime, it has to be a conscious effort you must make. This is perhaps the greatest investment you will ever make in your life. And it is free!
You can click below to watch the video. If you're new to meditation, I am so excited to help you start your journey.
Lastly, just a reminder, in the next video which will come out on Monday, I will show you exactly how to meditate and for how long etc. if you're a beginner OR even if you're experienced.
So stay tuned for that :)
-Sunny Sharma

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