How To Forgive Someone, Even Yourself? - The Most Direct Path To Forgiveness

frequently asked questions May 19, 2021

I’ve been asked by a lot of people to create a video on forgiveness.


Recently this question once again came up during one of my coaching calls, and I answered it in a very direct way.


Today’s video is a recording of that answer which I think you’ll find very helpful.


However as I said, the answer is quite direct. It will challenge many of your assumptions and perhaps your entire worldview about how to perceive others and their actions, including yourself and your actions.


So there is a chance that you may not be receptive to this pointing. But if it does resonate with you and if you do understand it, it will free you from all judgement and resentment; It will enable you to forgive and let go instantly.


This forgiveness will not only extend to the other person, but also to yourself.


You can watch the video here. I hope it helps you put this question to rest once and for all. Hang in there while watching this video though. Watch till the end to grasp the entire principle fully.


Best wishes,



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