How To Meditate & Go Deep Quickly

facilitating the process Sep 27, 2021

As you know last week I uploaded two video in which I shared with you:

1. That if you’re not meditating daily , all this will remain conceptual for you.. &

2. How meditation works behind the scenes to transform your life, your perception, and your understanding of yourself and the world.

Today is the third part of this 3-part series in which we actually get to the practice of it all and I show you HOW to meditate.

If you’re a beginner, I will show you the most effective practice to begin.

If you’re experienced, I will show you how to take it to the next level.

I will warn you before you watch this video: I am not going to share anything fancy or crazy with you. Stop seeking fancy things to put an end to mind identification.

It is the simple which works and the simpler it is, the closer it is to the truth.

So all I need from you is your willingness, your devotion to your practice; to remain consistent with this every single day without entertaining your doubts and resistances.

If you’re ready to enter a new life, watch today’s video and begin practicing as directed.

-Sunny Sharma

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