How To Not Let Uncertainty Bother You

frequently asked questions May 07, 2021

At one level, the mind craves uncertainty because it is what makes life exciting and spontaneous.

On another level, the mind despises uncertainty because it threatens its self-image and the current order of things. There seems to be much to protect and secure, and many walls to build in order to preserve what has already been achieved or attained.

This divide tears you apart inside. Uncertainty, which is the very source of peace and happiness, becomes a reason to fear and worry.

So in today’s video I will help you put an end to this. I’d like to show you how to escape the walls your mind creates around you and how to stop fearing uncertainty.

You will come to understand that the only logical way of approaching life is embracing uncertainty and that once you begin to do so, you fall into the hands of natural intelligence which takes care of you and brings great harmony into your experience.

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