I Am Guided Meditation - Worship This Alone

Jul 09, 2021

Consciously acknowledging “I am” is one of the most important pointers to practice throughout the day.


It’s not only the most important but also the simplest. Because the sense of being is at no distance from you.


Nothing needs to be done to acknowledge it; it is always there, watching. Almost like it’s just waiting to be appreciated and nurtured.


Of course, these are just expressions of language that we use in order to convey these subtle things. But in truth, the sense “I am” is more you than the idea you have of yourself 😂


It is you, prior to all of your beliefs and your personality. It is you, free from association with objects.


It is identity before personal identity, and it is not exclusive and individual, but instead totally inclusive.


To understand and realize this, we must surrender our doubts, fears, and confusions to the “I am” itself. We must melt into Being, subside into knowing.


Intellectual discourse is helpful to understand these things, but to verify them for ourselves, we must melt into silence.


So what I would like to share with you today is not a talk or explanation, but a guidance which will help you melt into “I am.”


Not only will today’s video help you as a guided meditation, but it will also introduce to you the simplicity of how to practice this throughout the day.


Along with that, during the guidance itself, many of your doubts and misunderstandings will also be dissolved/corrected.


Please make time today for yourself and watch this guidance in full. I hope it helps you greatly! :)

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