If You're Not Meditating Daily, All This Will Remain Conceptual For You

facilitating the process Sep 24, 2021

Over the past few days, I have been speaking with many people who are struggling with thoughts of anxiety, fear, and restlessness. Most of the people that I spoke to shared with me that they had no meditation practice.

They listen to all the spiritual teachings, read all the spiritual books, yet allow no time for themselves to sit down and be; free from the world, free from personal identity.

I was very taken back by how little significance was being given to silence, how how there wasn’t a proper understanding of how to sink into silence.

Please know, it is this turbulent mind which keeps us entangled in restlessness and fear, despair and confusion. Without silence, all the spiritual teachings will remain conceptual for you.

So this motivated me to create a 3 part series on the importance of meditation and silence; how it should be the foundation of your spiritual practice, without which there won’t be much development of understanding or insight

Today’s video is the first of the 3 videos of this series. The next one will be uploaded on Friday, and then the 3rd one on Monday.

In today’s lesson I will expound on the importance of silence and how without it, none of these books or videos will do anything for you.

-Sunny Sharma

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