Self Abidance - Renouncing The "I" You Believe Yourself To Be

facilitating the process Jun 30, 2021

 Did you know that Self-abidance does not mean renouncing material objects, personal desires, or mental goals?

You can renounce all of these things but if it’s coming from a lack of understanding of what self-abidance truly is, then mind will continue to remain attached to all of these things and suffer their absence, along with suffering the spiritual practice itself.

What you need to renounce instead is the “I” that is invested in these things. You must renounce the personal identity you take yourself to be, for whom these things are of ultimate importance and reality. And renouncing is the same as seeing the unreality of the personal self - It is not a denial of the personal self. It is simply seeing it as not myself.

Interested in hearing more about what this means? That’s what we will do in today’s video.

Please take a few moments out of your day to explore this subtle topic of self abidance in greater detail so that you can practice with a clear intent and understanding and relieve the mind from the burden of attachment.

Watch the video here. I hope it helps you!

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