Start Watching Your Mind As An "It" & See What Happens

Jul 12, 2021

 Today I wanted to share a quote with you, which if understood, will make your spiritual practice much simpler, and your spiritual “progress” much “faster.”


It’s by David Hawkins from his book Dissolving “The Ego, Realizing The Self.” Here it is:


"Spiritual evolution is an automatic consequence of watching the mind - and its proclivities as an "it" - from the general viewpoint of the paradigm of context rather than content. Instead of trying to force change, it is merely necessary to allow Divinity to do so by deeply surrendering all control, resistance, and illusions of gain or loss. It is not necessary to destroy or attack illusions but merely to allow them to fall away."


I’ve made a video breaking down this quote piece by piece in detail. If you’d like to know what this exactly means and how to implement it directly into practice, you can watch the video here. I believe it is a very important one to watch.


Today’s video will help you take the seeking out of spiritual seeking. It will diminish your tendency to suffer.

And I’m really excited to share it with you :)





P.S. today’s video is a snippet of a call recording from Self-Inquiry School, my coaching program where I work with you closely to help you dissolve mind identification and awaken to your true formless Self.


In it, you receive the proper guidance and support that you need in order to explore the subtle depths of Self-inquiry, without remaining stuck in intellectual understanding or entangled in endless loops of thought. If you’re interested and would like to learn more, you can do that here.

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