The Secret To Disengaging From Thoughts During Self Inquiry

self-inquiry Jun 20, 2021

Today I want to share with you something so crucial. If this one thing is understood and practiced, it will make inquiry so much simpler and it will make disengaging from thoughts incredibly easy.

It may not sound that significant at first, but please try to grasp the deeper meaning in it. That’s how all these teachings teachings work, you have to be receptive to them.

Here it is…

All thoughts arise as mere words: Language. And at the heart of language is personal identity.

For example, all thoughts arise AS a person speaking this or that, interpreting this or that, needing to gain this or that, avoiding the loss of this or that.

You think AS a person, as a finite object - a body inside of time and space.

However, this is an assumption, it is not your direct experience. You being merely a person is an assumption on the basis of which all your thoughts arise.

The moment you bring this assumption into question and consciously drop this assumption, the psychological chatter instantly becomes irrelevant, and ultimately falls away.

Today’s video is dedicated to showing you how to question and drop this assumption of personal identity. You can watch it here.

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