This Belief Causes All Suffering - Let It Go

Jul 19, 2021


Video Timestamps:

0:00 Question

1:10 Mind measures happiness based on conditioned standards

2:44 Can you cling to ANY feeling?

7:43 That which craves harmony is not you.

11:56 See the perfection in imperfection. What IS is harmony.

14:51 This belief causes all your suffering.

22:07 In observing, the impression of lack dissolves.

26:12 How to deal with health issues

35:33 The ultimate antidote to suffering

42:33 You are not the doer. You are only the watcher.


There’s one belief underlying most of our thoughts and actions, which causes all of our suffering.


It is subtle so it goes unnoticed.


When you find out what it is in today’s video, you may even be unwilling to accept that this belief is an illusion, but after some experimentation on your own, you will find it to be true.


Discovering this belief and letting it go will free you like nothing else. Not only will it make your life “in the world” much simpler, but it will also bring a much greater sense of ease and simplicity to your spiritual practice.


Make sure to set some time aside today and watch this very important video. It will show you what this belief is and how to be free of it :)



Sunny Sharma

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