To master your emotions, Realize this deeply

acceptance Aug 02, 2021

Emotional mastery does not mean controlling your emotions. It does not mean never being sad. It does not mean always feeling positive and happy.
These are all incorrect beliefs surrounding this subject which make you chase an eternally blissful state of mind. But there is no such thing.
Emotional mastery is actually quite the opposite of control and manipulation, or eternalizing a positive feeling.
What it really means is to discover your essential identity, free from association with emotions, or with the projections that arise alongside them.
Emotional mastery is only possible if you discover that space within yourself which is unaffected and unmoved by the ever-changing appearance of emotions.
It is possible only if you discover that there is no distance or separation between you and "that space within yourself which is unaffected and unmoved by the ever-changing appearance of emotions."
You are That! Haha read that one once more!
Today's video will help you realize some major things about this whole "emotional mastery" thing.
You will learn how to:
1. Create distance between you and emotions.
2. Dissolve identification with emotions, and the "programs" they impose onto your experience.
3. Transcend and outgrow limiting belief systems and conventional paradigms.
4. Move from avoidance and resistance to acceptance and peace.
5. Move from control to freedom, from conditional happiness to unconditional happiness.
I'm sure it will help you lots! Make sure to watch it and have a great day!
- Sunny
P.S. If this video brings helps you and if you're ready to commit to mastering your emotional state and learn to live in total harmony, learn more about Acceptance - Emotional Mastery.

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