You Are Not A Definable Object - See This Very Clearly (Self-Inquiry Guidance)

Jun 25, 2021

You are not a definable object. See this clearly in today’s Self-Inquiry guidance :)

Today will play a big role for you in loosening up the personal identity which is currently being identified as “myself.”

It will show you clearly that the body and mind are not the subject of experience. They are objects known, to a subject that has no objective qualities. What you are here in this moment, has no definable, objective attributes.

You are not a mere person, a body and mind traveling through time and space from now to then, from here to there.

Today’s guidance will walk you into the recognition of your formless nature as the space of knowing in which the world along with the individual self, appear and disappear.

Please go through this Self-Inquiry walkthrough guidance with your eyes closed, practicing what is being said. Although in the video I am speaking to someone else, I want you to feel like I am talking to you, because in a way, I am :)

I hope the video helps you greatly!



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