Your True Nature Is Peace - Realize This & Be Free (Vedanta Philosophy)

self-inquiry Sep 20, 2021

You will not find peace in anything you have, anything you own, or anybody you’re with.


You will also not find peace inside your thoughts and emotions, your personality and self image, or even your belief systems.


Peace is not something you will find in anything which changes and moves.


So where to find peace? Especially peace that doesn’t flee the moment there is a change in mind or circumstance?


Peace actually cannot be found anywhere, precisely because it is your true nature.


Peace is not a thing, a feeling, a state of mind, or an emotion. Peace is what you are, which is beyond all these changeful appearances.


Do you find that hard to believe? Well, through the teaching I’m sharing with you today, you will come closer to realizing this.


And if you stay consistent with the practices I mention in today’s teaching, you will melt into your peaceful nature.



-Sunny Sharma

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