School Of Awakening Programs & Services

Below, you can browse through all of the programs I currently offer! From beginning meditation, to letting go, to exploring the subtle depths of Self-inquiry, I'm here for you 🙂

Online Course

Self-Paced online course with 24/7 lifetime access.

Presence - A Beginner's Guide To Deep Meditation


Here, you will learn the accelerated path to starting and deepening your meditation practice.

This course will help you free yourself from overthinking, fear, & anxiety, by becoming deeply present and still within.


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Coaching Programs 

Includes self-paced course, long-term coaching, 1-1 attention, and support community.

Acceptance - Emotional Mastery


Master Your Emotional State And Live In Total Peace And Harmony.

Liberate yourself from the burden of past emotional pain, unconscious patterns, reactive behavior, and suffering.

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Self-Inquiry School


Dissolve mind identification and awaken to your true nature.

Deepen and clarify your Self-Inquiry practice and melt into the effortless and obvious recognition of your formless Self.

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School Of Awakening Meditation Club


Bring incredible depth to your meditation and be a part of a loving, powerful group.

Allow me to guide you into deeper states of meditation and spiritual understanding.

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1-1 Individual Coaching Session


I do believe that to bring lasting change in understanding, I will be of much greater help to you through my programs listed above, in which I'm able to work with you for a long-term period and offer you plenty of 1-1 support, with much less cost to you.

However, this 1 Hour session will be beneficial to you if you'd like immediate individual attention on something specific.

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All of my courses are covered by a no strings attached 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee so you can be confident that you’re making the right decision 🙂