School Of Awakening

Dissolve mind identification and become free from suffering 🙂

- Awaken to your true formless nature.

- Become established in Self-awareness.

- Resolve all emotional blocks and trauma.

- Realize inner happiness and peace.

(Experience your first massive breakthrough within 60 days)

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“It has helped me to be more at ease, more at peace, less reactive, and I am so so thankful that I found this program..”


- Aliza Wahab Moreno, Oakland, California

Step 1: Presence

Here, you will learn the accelerated path to quiet the scattered mind and wake up to presence.

Step 2: Acceptance - Emotional Mastery

Here you will learn how to master your emotional state and live in total peace and harmony.

How to liberate yourself from the burden of past emotional pain, unconscious patterns, reactive behavior, and suffering.

Step 3: Self-Inquiry

Dissolve mind identification and awaken to your true nature. Turn suffering into peace, happiness, and freedom.

Deepen your Self-Inquiry practice and melt into the effortless recognition of your formless Self.

Weekly Meditation Club

Bring incredible depth to your meditation and be a part of a loving, powerful group.

Allow me to guide you into deeper states of meditation and spiritual understanding.

School Of Awakening is a comprehensive program designed to bring you the most complete spiritual transformation.

The work we do in the program helps you awaken to true Self and dissolves suffering from every area of your life.


  • You will no longer be identified with the mind.

Thoughts will lose their capacity to pull your attention in a thousand directions and believe in their projections. Thoughts will no longer be able to “attack you" and make you suffer.


  • You will go from unconscious to conscious.

You will be taught how to uncover all that is unconscious within you and you will cultivate enough presence to be able to observe and transcend it.


  • All your trauma, pain, and negativity associated with past experiences will dissolve.

All that emotional pain and trauma that you have been unconsciously carrying for years will be let go of. Underneath all these layers, lies your authentic self. You will once again feel good and life will seem refreshing.


  • You will overcome fear, anxiety, and negativity.

As the power of your presence grows, fear, anxiety, and negativity will melt away. There will be less and less belief in mind's projections and stories.




How Jacqueline Transcended Her Endless Emotional Healing Journey

It seems as if with healing work, the more that you do, the more you feel like you need to do.

This endless desire to heal from past trauma only reinforces the strong identity of being wounded or broken.

In this video, Jacqueline shares how The School Of Awakening enabled her to break the bonds of this repetitive cycle and mental prison through Self inquiry.

  • The psychological self(ego) will become weak.

Right now you live life from your thoughts, from your emotions, from the body. As things become clearer, the body, emotions, and thoughts will no longer be assumed to be the subject of experience, but rather will be seen as objects and you will experience freedom from the egoic state.


  • You will no longer unconsciously react to situations and people.

There will be an increasing distance between you and emotions, you and thoughts. They will no lose their capacity to pull you into identification and belief. Reactiveness will fall away. You will be able to respond to situations more intelligently and harmoniously.


  • You will learn how to overcome the strong pull of mind.

Your emotional triggers will dissolve and your sensitive areas which have a lot of feelings and hurt associated with them will be healed.


  • All feelings of lack and imperfection will fall away.

Life will become simple. You’ll live in alignment with your purpose, do what needs to be done, and you will not suffer from ideas of lack and imperfection. Universal harmony will be seen at all times.


  • More opportunities will present themselves.

As the flow of your life becomes reignited, now that you are no longer clinging and resisting, things that you could have never planned or imagined begin to unfold. You will seem to largely find yourself in the right place at the right time.


  • You will have greater clarity in every area of your life.

You’ll know what to do and when, what to say and when, how to act and when. Solutions will appear more easily. Everything will flow.


  • Your relationships will flourish.

You will no longer project hurt onto others and you’ll no longer absorb and identify with the hurt others project onto you. Letting go of your pain allows you to act more authentically and with greater love and compassion. It removes dysfunction from relationships.


  • Your mere presence will have a healing effect on your loved ones and ultimately, the entire world.

Freeing yourself from your pain and suffering is the greatest gift that you can give to the world. Your healing is the world’s healing. There is no difference.


  • You will feel happier on a day-day basis and once again experience life with childlike wonder.

You will do what you want and live life joyfully, balancing between the nothingness and the fullness.

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