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The HCS Program helps you dissolve mind identification and discover your true nature.

Here, you will learn how to dive deep within yourself and liberate yourself from all patterns of unconscious behavior and emotional suffering, without getting stuck in mental obstacles and endless thinking.

Sunny Sharma, Founder Of Personal Mastery Quest

In This Program, I Work Closely With You To Help You:

  • Dissolve identification with thoughts and feelings. Become free from suffering the mind.
  • Deepen your understanding of Self-inquiry and discover your true Self beyond personal identity.
  • Master the art of Acceptance/Letting go and learn to live in total harmony with life.
  • Dissolve all past emotional energy, trauma, pain, fear, anxiety, and repetitive life patterns.
  • Become free from unconsciously reacting to events and people.
  • Abide as awareness and transcend ego identity/patterns.
  • Become grounded in peace, happiness, and love.
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Our Process Is Uniquely Simple.

It Consists of 4 Main Sections.


1. Presence


In this section, I will teach you how to deepen your meditation and become increasingly Self-aware.

You will learn to how detach from your thoughts and dissolve the habit of compulsive thinking. You will become present throughout the day and be able disengage from the mind at will.

Because of this, you will stop suffering from fear and anxiety and let go of the mental states which are currently obscuring your true nature of peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

2. Acceptance


Acceptance is a crucial step in your journey of awakening because resistance blocks all deeper experience and understanding.

Without learning how to live in harmony, free from clinging or resisting, you will always find it difficult to be at peace, have any deeper insight or knowledge, and discover your true nature. 

So in this section, I will teach you how to live in total harmony with life and liberate yourself from all of your suppressed emotional energy, resistance, and trauma.

In acceptance, you will witness the dissolving of your repetitive patterns in personal life, business, and relationships, along with your tendency of unconsciously reacting to external events and people.

You will discover how to release the burden of past pain and the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being joyful.

You will learn how to process emotional hurt and physical pain in a conscious and healthy manner, without relying on coping mechanisms, and therefore become free from compulsive behaviors and addictions.

Acceptance breeds inner strength and spiritual maturity, which is an important pre-requisite to proper Self-inquiry.

3. Self-Inquiry


This section is perhaps the hallmark of this program. In it, I will work closely with you to help you deepen your understanding and practice of Self-inquiry.

You will learn to dissolve the “I thought” back into its source by keeping the mind firmly established in the heart of awareness.

By understanding this integral practice with clarity, and by ripening into its depths, the veil of ego-mind identification will naturally begin to dissolve, enabling the discovery of your true nature as formless awareness.

You will learn how to turn your intellectual understanding of inquiry into experiential knowing, thereby becoming utterly still and peaceful within, and receptive to inner understanding.


4. Self-Abidance


All words fail to convey Self-abidance appropriately, but let's do the best with what we have:

Here you will learn how to stabilize in the knowing of yourself as awareness.

Self-abidance is a natural transcending of the many subtle layers of body/mind identification. It is the art of living the understanding: integrating Self-knowledge into the practical aspects of day to day life, such as work, personal life, and relationships.

 In this section, you will explore and understand the nature of non-dual awareness beyond presence. And as you genuinely devote yourself to the teaching in this section, you will start to become free from the sense of doership and ownership of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

 You will begin to see clearly the spontaneity of conscious experience and you'll undergo a profound shift in Self-understanding.

You will learn how to live a peaceful, harmonious, and happy life, reflecting your ever-deepening conviction of non-duality.


The Structure Of This Program

Here's How We Work Together, Along With What You Get In The Program

Online Course

Easy to go through lectures with visuals and step-by-step implementation methods.

- Lessons and practices divided in weekly modules, never before seen on Youtube.

- Guided Self-inquiries and Q&A segment videos for each section, clarifying the most common questions that typically arise while going through this course.

- A focused emphasis on implementation and practice. I am not interested in filling your mind with more concepts, but instead to show you how to directly implement the teaching in your life.


Private Meditation Group

An incredibly powerful group meditation once per week led by me.

- Meet weekly for live guided meditation, guided Self-inquiry, and silence sessions in a powerful group atmosphere

- Access to our vault of all previous recorded guided meditation and Self-inquiry sessions.

- Occurs at a different time every week to accommodate people from all time zones. (Day & time announced inside the course weekly)


Two Live Coaching Calls Per Week

The ability to ask me all your questions and always be supported by me.

- 2 Live Q&A sessions with me every week on Tuesdays at 7PM Eastern & Saturdays at 12PM Eastern. (Please convert to your timezone) Additional calls at different times are occasionally added as well in order to accommodate everyone.

- The option to submit your questions through writing or speak to me directly and ask out loud.

- All Q&As are recorded and available to watch later for your convenience.


Private Support Community Group

Get support and interact with other program members. Our group is a close family.

- This private group provides great support and it has become a powerful spiritual community in which you can receive instant answers to your questions, share your experiences, and learn from other people's experiences.

- Interact with me personally and get my support and guidance whenever you need throughout the day.

The Changes This Program Will Bring Into Your Experience



You Will No Longer Be Identified With Mind


You Will Be Free From Overthinking & Overanalyzing

You Will Be Free From Fear And Anxiety

You Will Be Free From Limiting Beliefs & Emotional Trauma


You Will Be Anchored In Presence, Free From Past & Future

You Will No Longer Unconsciously React To External Events

You Will Stop Suffering Life & Step Into Your True Power


You Will Stop Chasing Happiness & Be Happy Here & Now

You Will Feel Secure, Stable, & Exuberant In Your Being-ness.

You Will Shift From Compulsiveness To Freedom


You Will Be At Peace & Happy Without Cause

You Will Be Established In Your True Nature & Know Yourself As You Are

Hear From Our Current Students

How Jacqueline Transcended Her Endless Emotional Healing Journey


How Bez Became Free Of Excessive Overthinking & Emotional Reactiveness


How Scott, Debra, & Aliza discovered their innate peace and happiness, despite the nature of their circumstances and past..


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This year, it is my intention to make this direct teaching available and accessible to as many people as possible.

Previously, cost of the program used to be a barrier - The investment to enroll was $2500. However for the time being, I'm doing my absolute best to significantly reduce the cost of enrollment in order to make it accessible to everyone.

I don't know for how long this pricing will be available, which is why if you wish to enroll at this price point, please act now. It may be subject to change in the near future.

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I look forward to working with you and getting to know you better!

The Higher Consciousness Shift Program


One Year Enrollment

  • HCS Online Course
  • Private Meditation Group
  • 2 Live Calls Per Week
  • Private Support Group
  • Guided Meditations Recordings
  • All Q&A Sessions Recordings