The School Of Awakening Meditation Club

Bring incredible depth to your meditation and be a part of a loving, powerful group.

Allow me to guide you into deeper states of meditation and spiritual understanding.

Sunny Sharma, Founder Of Personal Mastery Quest

Join Me In An Intimate Group Setting For Live Meditation Every Week

Here's what you get in this program:

  • A live meditation led by me every week in a powerful group atmosphere. (Timings alternate every week to accommodate people from all time zones).
  • A vault of recorded meditations and resources to bring depth to your practice.
  • A loving community of like-minded people from around the world.
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Our Sessions Alternate Between 3 Types Of Meditations


  • Presence Meditations

In these meditations I help you harness the attention and quiet the mind into stillness.

For beginners, these mediations will bring incredible depth and a shift in understanding/experience. For people who are experienced, these will serve as an important grounding tool. It’s essential that we sometimes stick to the basics and strengthen our foundation.


  • Acceptance meditations

Here, you will be guided into total acceptance of this moment. In these meditations I help you ease into your true nature of allowance, harmony, and flow. These sessions help you release unwanted tension, emotional trauma, emotional resistance, judgment, and suffering.

They introduce to you the direct "path" to inner peace, which is always available to you.


  • Self-Inquiry Meditations

In these guided Self-Inquires, your mind is guided back into its source, the heart of knowing.

During these sessions, you will experience the utter stillness and silence of your true, essential nature. These Self-inquiry meditations help you become established in awareness.


This Meditation Club Is Also a Wonderful Supplement To Any Of My Other Programs


If you’re a member of one of my other programs, you will benefit greatly by meeting with me once per week and sitting through a live session.

You will also get full access to all of our previously conducted sessions so that you can listen to them any time, anywhere.

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I look forward to meditating with you!

School Of Awakening Meditation Club


1-Year Access

  • One Live Meditation With Sunny Every Week.
  • A Vault Of Previous Recorded Sessions.
  • A Powerful And Supportive Spiritual Community.
  • Guided Presence, Acceptance, & Self-Inquiry Meditations Recordings.
  • 30 Days Full Money Back Guarantee.
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