The Process
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Dissolve mind identification and wake up to your true nature.

Self-Inquiry School 

  • Dissolve belief in mind.
  • Become free from suffering.
  • Go beyond personal identity.
  • Deepen Self-inquiry without falling into mental traps.
  • Become established in awareness.
  • Realize your innate nature of happiness and peace.
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The source of all your problems is mind identification.

The source of all your suffering is mind identification.



The only solution is waking up to the truth of who you are.

This is the work of Self-inquiry.

How Self-Inquiry School Helps You Awaken


  • You will learn how to practice Self-inquiry correctly and in the most direct & effective manner.

    Practicing through the day to day noise and struggles will become easier, and incorrect practice & notions will be corrected. You will be guided to keep your inquiry practice direct and free of mental traps.


  • You will be able to get feedback, ask questions, and feel supported by others on the same path.

    Doing this alone is 10x harder. Having mentorship and the support of a community of people from all around the world who are on the same path makes all the difference and helps you accelerate your practice and understanding.


  • Your endless thinking and doubting will turn into silent clarity.

The mind is clever and cunning and keeps pulling your attention outwards, scattered into concepts. But here at Self-inquiry School, your tendency to instantly identify with and believe in the mind's doubts, fears, and questions will cease, as you melt deeper into the silence of your Being.


  • Your intellectual understanding will turn into experiential realization.

Your capacity to be silent and still within yourself will increase, and you will come to experience and live the understanding.Rather than just dwelling in concepts and philosophy, you will be taught how to pierce through the words into the experience they point to.


  • You will learn to experience life as yourself, from unconditioned awareness, rather than the superimposed filter of personal identity.

The apparent flip-flopping in and out of awareness will stop and you will experience awareness as your effortless nature within which all of manifestation appears.

My Story


I discovered Self-inquiry in summer 2019. And it changed everything.


I was on a meditation retreat at SRF in Los Angeles California, where I brought a new book with me that I had just purchased on Amazon. The book was “Who am I?” By Sri Ramana Maharshi.


While reading the book during the retreat, for the first time in my life, I became aware of myself.


The direct pointers in the book had the power to completely still my mind and bring me to acknowledge the ever-present awareness which illuminates all that I know.


I realized that everything I believe myself to be is an idea - a self image which changes all the time. I also realized that the world that I perceive to be so real and outside of myself, is nothing other than an appearance in awareness.


I came to see that all my life I had been chasing happiness outside of myself in objects, achievements, and people. And that this happiness that I was searching for can never be found in the world; that happiness is the nature my very own Self.


After some profound realizations, I left this retreat completely moved. The process that unfolded after transformed everything about how I experienced and lived life.


I remained very consistent with my Self-inquiry practice after I left the retreat, and the desire to discover the truth about myself and life grew very strong.


It's funny, how life brings you whatever you need when you need it and are ready for it. So during this time, I discovered other teachers such as Nisargadatta Maharaj, Mooji, and Rupert Spira, and I started to practice their teachings as well with great devotion.


I encountered many obstacles, fears, and doubts along the way, but what I learned to be very effective was to keep the practice simple. I trusted silence more than my mind's fears and doubts. I trusted the teachings more than the mind's questions and confusions.


I did my best to live in alignment with the teaching and I continued to move through the difficult components of life such as business, family, and relationship according to my greatest understanding of the principles of non-duality.


It wasn't easy, and it still isn't always easy but I've found that being willing to do what is difficult, being willing to let go of attachments and fears, being willing to sacrifice your beliefs and your desire to control, helps you become open and vulnerable to Self-realization.


So discarding all concerns, I began to live in surrender and trust.


This is when I began to taste inner freedom. I started to wake up, I stopped chasing happiness in things and achievements of the future, and I began to deeply notice the impermanence of the mind, body, and world.


My self centered motives, guilt, pride, restlessness to achieve, and fear and anxiety about the future, all began to fall away.


Clarity arose as these clouds of mind dispersed and understanding developed. I discovered that what I am, is formless, shapeless, nameless, beyond time and space, limitless, and infinite. I grew ever more peaceful, happy, and fulfilled within myself.


Today, as I ripen in my own discovery and realization, it is my intention with Self-Inquiry School, to share what I’ve learned and to help you experience the same inner freedom that I have come to realize, without falling into the many traps which keep you entangled in mind.


The Process Is Simple


1. Self-Inquiry


You will learn to dissolve the “I thought” back into its source by keeping the mind firmly established in the heart of awareness.


You will be taught:

- Pointers best suited for your level of understanding.

- How to uncover all that is unconscious in you and let it go.

- How to dissolve belief in the mind’s projections and weaken its ability to pull you into identification.

- How to purify the mind and unravel the personal self (karmic load).

2. Self-Abidance


Self-abidance is a gradual transcending of the many subtle layers of body/mind identification. It is the art of living the understanding: integrating Self-knowledge into the practical aspects of day to day life, such as work, personal life, and relationships.


You will be taught:

- How to abide as awareness.

- Selfless service and action.

- How to be free from the 8 worldly concerns

- How to part ways with your belief and paradigm.

- Explore what you are beyond presence; beyond the realm of objective experience.

Self-Inquiry School Course Content

In just six weeks, you will experience incredible freedom, peace, and clarity.

Learn The Way That Suits You Best

Learn anytime, anywhere, and whichever way you like with multiple learning formats. Self-Inquiry School comes with online, social, and live mentoring.

Here, you will receive extensive support and help. I’m here to answer all of your questions. This is not one of those programs that you purchase and then never hear from the creator again.

A Self-Paced Course

-Easy to go through lectures with visuals and step-by-step implementation methods.

- Lessons and practices divided into weekly modules, never before seen on Youtube.

- Guided Self-inquiries and Q&A segment videos for each section, clarifying the most common questions that typically arise on the path of awakening.

- A focused emphasis on implementation and practice. I am not interested in filling your mind with more concepts, but instead to help you  "unlearn" the concepts and experience the teaching.

Live Q&A Every Week

- Always be supported by me in this weekly group satsang. Sit back in silence and enjoy the discussion, or actively engage and ask questions. (Timings of the calls alternate to accommodate people from all time zones!)

- Allows me to help you with something you're struggling with or understand something you're having a hard time with. 

- The option to submit your questions through writing or speak to me directly and ask out loud.

-Submit your question beforehand if you're not able to attend.

- All Q&As are recorded and available to watch later for your convenience.

Private Support Community

- Being on the "inward path" can sometimes be lonely. That’s why I created a private like-minded community specifically for members of Self-Inquiry School, where you can ask questions, get feedback, find inspiration & share insights. It is a place where you will feel connected and supported :)

- You can also interact with me personally and get my support and guidance whenever you need throughout the day. Self-Inquiry School members are my main priority.




The Changes This Program Will Bring Into Your Experience🙂

  • You will no longer be identified with mind.

Thoughts will lose their capacity to pull your attention in a thousand directions and believe in their projections. They will no longer be able to “attack you,” because there will no longer be a personal identity to protect and maintain.


  • Your entire paradigm will transform.

You will no longer be a person who “has” awareness. You will know yourself as you really are, and all experience will be rightly seen as an appearance within You.


  • The psychological self(ego) will become weaker and weaker.

It will be clearly seen that there is no such thing as a continuous separate entity/personal self. Right now you live life from your thoughts, from your emotions, from the body. As things become clearer, the body, emotions, and thoughts will no longer be assumed to be the subject of experience, but rather will be seen as objects.


  • Mental scenario making will come to an end & suffering will go with it.

The psychological chatter of past and future will be seen as useless and dysfunctional and easily disengaged from until ultimately, it rarely arises.


  • All feelings of lack and imperfection will fall away.

All the need to gain, achieve, protect, maintain, secure, defend will be replaced with the simple joy of being. Life will become simple. You’ll do what needs to be done and you will not suffer from ideas of lack and imperfection. Universal harmony will be seen at all times.


  • There will be clarity, peace, and causeless happiness.

Your true nature: What naturally emerges when the thick clouds of false identifications are dissolved.


  • You will once again experience life with childlike wonder.

You will do what you want and live life joyfully, balancing between the nothingness and the fullness.

Hear From Our Current Students


How Self-Inquiry School helped Darshan dissolve the bonds of mind identification & suffering.. 

“It's the best thing I've ever done. It's excellent. You will grow so much and this happiness will become deeply imbedded within you.”

- Debra Woodbridge, London, UK.


“This takes you deeper than anything else. I’ve paid for a lot of courses but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this has been, and continues to be, the most impactful in my life.”

-Scott Enslin, Eastern United States.

Elijah Inyang

"The structure and support that was provided allowed me to really commit to the teaching. Enrolling in this program allowed me to see myself, and see life as it really is."

Anita Reich

"This allowed me to bridge the gap between what I understand mentally and what I practice/experience. The teaching in this program takes you directly into the experience."

Ben Enoka

"This program has really helped me to gain a better understanding of the nature of our true Self. The calls especially have been great and very helpful."

Frequently Asked Questions


Is This Program For You?

This course is right for you if...

- You are an earnest seeker of truth and wish to wake up.

- You want to turn your intellectual understanding of inquiry into direct experience.

- You want to deeply commit to spiritual growth and understanding.

- You want consistent guidance and support with your Self-inquiry and spiritual practice.

This course is probably not a right fit for you if...

- You are brand new to meditation or spiritual teachings.

-  You are looking to learn how to manifest or create your own reality.

- You're not really sure if Self-inquiry resonates with you.

Interested In Enrolling?

To enroll, please click below to make an appointment with me to see how I can best help you and if we are the right fit.

I look forward to speaking with you!

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